Our Why

Breaking into Real Estate Investing seems like it’s only open to people who have money on hand to invest. As a real estate agent, I helped buyers and sellers with their RE transactions in traditional properties. Everyday type sales. Then, I became involved in helping investors buy distressed properties. That was a bell ringing, a light flashing, fireworks exploding event. How exciting would it be to see a distressed property brought back to life and to see the sellers and investor buyers both do well in the transaction. That was the easy part. The hard part, I thought, was trying to fund that project. Traditional thinking was it had to be a cash buyer with pockets full of money that could do it. Not true at all.

One day, while looking up How to Fund Real Estate on Google (it happens), I learned about Commercial Real Estate Financing. Basically, the wild west of banking. I was quick to learn that among the vast variety of CRE financing, was a very popular Fix/Flip option. It allowed anyone to be able to buy investment properties and fix them up and sell them for a profit or refinance into a rental property. This is a game changer that I needed to offer to others looking at getting into RE investing.

So, instead of jumping into Flipping right away, I ventured into offering these types of loans to all of those that want to look into creating wealth for themselves through RE investing.

During the early days, something amazing happened in our local area. Hurricane Michael, a category 5, major hurricane struck our area with a devastating force. Lives were lost and every property was impacted. Some properties were totally destroyed, others had various levels of damage. I stayed in my home through the storm and watched, helplessly, as water poured in through my light fixtures and doors. It was truly a surreal event. October 10, 2018 changed my career path, significantly.

In the months after the storm, I had the fortune to work with a professional investor looking at buying damaged homes. He used systems like direct mail, Deal Machine driving for dollars, Flyers, signs, etc. Theses systems worked very well. As you can imagine, homeowners were in a quandary looking at their damaged homes and wondering what to do with them. Even better for these sellers was that they would keep any insurance proceeds and just sell the home as-is to the investor.

I would set foot in dozens of damaged homes and meet a lot of sellers. We, ultimately, bought many homes and have since seen them on the local market after their rehab, looking amazing. These investors came in and turned around 1,000’s of homes into beautiful, updated properties that the community has purchased and enjoyed.

These various investors that I have met over the years are from all backgrounds and experience. The great thing about these loans are that they don’t require experience. They just require the hustle. Is that you?

I have worked with Realtors, Investors, Wholesalers and Contractors alike and know what a deal takes to get to the end. Let me get you started or furthered in your RE Investing business.

Thanks so much!

Kevin Dalrymple

Opportunity Capital Funding