Funding Your Flips and Rental Properties

Whether it is funding your first flip or your 10th in one year, we have solutions to help scale your flipping business as well a providing lending options for buying or refinancing your rental property INCLUDING Double-wide Mobile Homes.  We’re proud to be to be one of a few companies that specialize in Flip Funding and Rental Property Financing. We can provide you with solutions from 90% financing of flips with 100% of the rehab budget, plus up to 80% financing of rental properties. Contact us to find out more.

Whether you’re seeking financing for your first fix/flip or whether you need to refinance your rental property, our loans can help.

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We’re ready to walk you through the loan application process or answer any questions you may have about our portfolio of Investment loans. Give us a call for your free, no obligation consultation and analysis of your property or potential property to see how we can help meet all your financing needs.

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