COMING SOON!! New program – Part 1

Hey guys,


I’ve been bust rehabbing a property but I wanted to reach out to you about a new product I’m offering outside of the fix/flip lending.  This product is designed to provide working capital funding to startup or low revenue businesses.  Even businesses that are new.

This product can be for any business, but as it relates to real estate investing, it can provide short term funding for buying, rehabbing, upgrading or any other expense related to property acquisition or renovation or a real estate asset.  It’s another example of using ‘other people’s money’ to scale your business.

Here’s an example:

A lady from Texas, who is a Real Estate Investor, and who hasn’t done a deal yet and has ZERO revenues.  She does have 750+ credit but NO business credit (yet).  Her LLC is new and she makes $72,000 yearly on her job.  Well, meet Valerie and she started with this program last July and now has $144,000 in working capital that she can use for about anything she wants and needs for her business.

Clearly, access to that much money gives her faster purchasing power.  

This is the BOSS program offered by a company I’ve known for a few years.  They are the standard bearer in the business credit community.  They created the BOSS program, specifically, to help startups and low revenue businesses.  

After a small interview with you and a soft credit pull (which they invented) they will come up with a 6 month or year long plan to take your business from startup or low revenue to having a perfect Paydex score and working capital options and rocket your buying power.  Having perfect personal credit is not a requirement, either.

The plan they create is called a Custom Strategic Plan or CSP.  This CSP is a year-long plan filled with activities and strategies to boost, not just your own credit, but your business credit (Paydex score), too.  But, you don’t have to wait a year to get funding.  You can contact me and I can send you a sample CSP.  In fact, you’ll be able to see your customized CSP before you pay for anything.

It’s an amazing technology and a great enhancement to any business that is looking for access to working capital in order to scale their business.

I could go on and on about this product and will in upcoming emails.  But, if you have any questions or want to see other examples, email me.  Or, if you’re sold and want to get your personal evaluation and access to your CSP, Contact us NOW!!

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