BOSS – Working Capital

Our latest offering is a partnership with a great company.  LenCred has been a business credit expert for nearly 15 years.  They are a leader in that space.  So, it’s easy to partner with these guys to offer a solution to working capital for businesses that are new or have low revenues.   Even though this product is perfect for any business, OCF is a concentrating the use of this product for the Real Estate investing businesses, especially new investors.

This product can be for any business, but as it relates to real estate investing, it can provide short term funding for buying, rehabbing, upgrading or any other expense related to property acquisition or renovation of a real estate asset.  It’s another example of using ‘other people’s money’ to scale your business.

What is this product?

This product is called the BOSS program.  It’s a yearlong business credit strategy to acquire working  capital for your business.  Here are some of the benefits.

  • Even though it’s a yearlong, funding can happen as early as 30 days.
  • Access to 5 or 6 figure funding.
  • 80% of applicants qualify for this program
  • Get a perfect Paydex score.  This will set up your business for great success.
  • Build personal credit along he way, too.
  • Learning these strategies will make your an expert on building business credit that you can apply to other business ventures.
  • As a real estate investor, working capital can give you the speed to be first in line for purchases of the next investment property.
  • Many more…

Here is an example of a prior LenCred client:

A Real Estate Investor from TX, and who hasn’t done a deal yet and has ZERO revenues.  She does have 750+ credit but NO business credit (yet).  Her LLC is new and she makes $72,000 yearly on her job.  Well, meet Valerie and she started with this program last July and now has $144,000 in working capital that she can use for about anything she wants and needs for her business.

How does this product work?

After an interview, you will be provided with a Custom Strategic Plan or CSP.  This CSP plan will list all of the strategies you and them need to take to meet the funding goals.  Here are some of  the items in the CSP:

  • Access to professionals for weekly or monthly contacts.  Including a Business Financial Strategist,  a Business Credit Consultant, a Financial Literacy Consultant and funding professionals
  • Set quarterly and annual funding goals.
  • Month by month goals as you build your business and acquire access to funding.
  • Many more….

The great thing about this program is the you can see your CSP BEFORE you pay for the plan.  You will be able to see how it works and what the strategies and goals are before you commit to any purchase.

What is the cost?

What any plan costs is based on what it can do for your business.  Can it add value or can it add massive value?  The cost of the BOSS program is $4,950, and can be made with payments.  Is this too expensive? Depends on what your goals are and what the plan can do for your business.  You’ll know those things before you purchase.

To me, I think it can be a game changer for avid or aggressive investors.  I know personally that missing out on deals because I don’t have that immediate  availability to funds can be discouraging.  Don’t miss out on opportunity!!  This is why I focus on getting investors funded so opportunity doesn’t disappear.

Would you like to sign up for an interview and get your CSP?    START HERE!!!