Purchase Order Financing

What Purchase Order Financing Can Do For You

If you want to expand your business without taking on more debt and need access to financing in order to purchase presold goods, then purchase order financing with Opportunity Capital Funding might be a good option for you. We offer flexible financing and can meet all kinds of business needs: if your business has poor cash flow, or if your business is a recent startup that has not built up much capital, we can get your business off the ground.

Having access to cash to pay suppliers for presold goods is an essential part of many businesses. Using our purchase order financing can help ensure that you always have the resources available to pay suppliers and focus your efforts on growing your business, whether you are a distributor, reseller or producer. Our purchase order financing gives you the flexibility you need.

Benefits of using Opportunity Capital Funding purchase order financing include:

  • Boosting profits by filling large customer orders.
  • Ensuring that customer deliveries are on time.
  • Creating business growth without taking on more debt.

Whether your business deals with domestic production, importing or exporting goods, we can offer the financial resources to help your business thrive. Contact us today in order to find out how Opportunity Capital Funding can meet your business’s financial resource needs.