Consumer Finance

Enjoy Business Budget Flexibility With Consumer Finance

Customers and companies alike enjoy payment flexibility. Offering customers consumer finance provides them with a great payment option, and it allows your business to tap into a host of benefits. Opportunity Capital Funding specializes in this unique financing, which is ideal for businesses of various sizes, industry and ages.

Advantages of Consumer Finance

If you aren’t familiar with consumer lending, then you may not know just how many advantages it offers your organization:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Better brand awareness
  • Customer base boost
  • Repeat sales
  • Generous range of financing options

See for yourself what you and your customers have missed out on and how much more you stand to gain.

We Take Care of You

Not only do we take proper care of your customers, but we also take care of you. For instance, our financing professionals provide rapid responses to credit approval requests. We also offer your customers generous credit limits. We remain with you every step of the way, ensuring you have top-quality customer service when you have a question and support should you ever experience issues. Let us know if you’re interested in offering your customers e-signature capabilities, or if you’d like for us to collect a bad debt.

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